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The Lookout | June 19, 2019

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Advertising Information

Lansing Community College’s Independent
Bi-Weekly Newspaper

Mailing Address:
The Lookout, Mail Code 1170
P.O. Box 40010
Lansing Community College
Lansing, MI 48901-7210
Phone: (517) 483-1295 or (517) 483-1291
Fax (517) 483-1290

Size of Ad: Full Page
Actual Dimensions: 10.38 w X 11.5 h
Price: B&W: $620 Color: $705

Size of Ad: Half Page Horizontal
Actual Dimension: 10.38 w X 5.28 h
Price: B&W: $330 Color: $415

Size of Ad: Half Page Vertical
Actual Dimension: 5.1 w X 10.73 h
Price: B&W: $330 Color: $415

Size of Ad: Quarter Page Horizontal
Actual Dimensions: 10.38 w X 2.64 h
Price: B&W: $175 Color: $225

Size of Ad: Quarter Page Vertical 
Actual Dimensions: 5.10 w X 5.28 h
Price: B&W: $175 Color: $225

Size of Ad: Eighth Page Horizontal
Actual Dimensions: 5.1 w X2.64 h
Price: B&W: $100 Color: $150

Size of Ad: Eighth Page Vertical
Actual Dimensions: 2.47 w X 5.28 h
Price: B&W: $100 Color: $150

Size of Ad: 1/16 Page Horizontal
Actual Dimensions: 5.10 w X 1.32 h
Price: B&W: $56 Color: $75

Size of Ad: 1/16 Page Vertical 
Actual Dimensions: 2.46 w X 2.64 h
Price: B&W: $56 Color: $75

Size of Ad: Business Card Ad
Actual Dimensions: 3.35 w X 2 h
Price: B&W: $38 Color: $50

All Other Sized Ads:
$10 charge per column inch – minimum four inches

National Ad Rate:
$17 charge per column inch – no discounts allowed

Classified Advertising:
$8.50 for 20 words or less
50 cents for each additional word.


Approximately 15,000 Lansing Community College students have access to The Lookout, as do families, friends, faculty and employees. The newspaper is published every two weeks. We print 1,500 copies of each issue and also have an online presence at To accommodate our advertisers we distribute papers on campus and in the greater Lansing area. The 15,000 students at LCC are comprised of about 52 percent women and 48 percent men. LCC’s students range from teens to those in their 80s, with the average age being in their late 20s. The largest group of students is between the ages of 20 and 29.

Display Advertising Rates for 2017-2018

Advertising Information Effective July 2018
The Lookout is a 11.5-inch-tall, 10.5-inch wide paper. Each column is 2.5 inches wide.

Online advertising is available at The Lookout!

Banner Ad: 480 X 80 pixels (5 in. W X .83 in. H) – $100 per month
Secondary Ad: 125 X 125 pixels (1.7 in. W X 1.7 in. H) – $50 per month
*online advertising is sold on a first-some, first-serve basis

Take advantage of our ‘frequency discounts’

  • The Lookout grants frequent advertiser discounts to advertisers who keep their bills
  • Paid in a timely fashion.
  • Advertisers who place three of more ads in The Lookout during an academic year
  • Receive a 10-percent discount on each ad after the third one.
  • After the sixth ad of the academic year, the advertiser will receive a 20-percent
  • Discount on each ad thereafter.
  • Frequency discounts only apply for those who have no payments outstanding for
  • More than 30 days after reception of any bill.
2017-18 Publication Schedule 
Issue Deadline For Ads Publication Dates
1 Aug. 21 Aug. 28
2 Sept. 4 Sept. 11
3 Sept. 18 Sept. 25
4 Oct. 2 Oct. 9
5 Oct. 16 Oct. 23
6 Oct. 29 Nov. 6
7 Nov. 13 Nov. 20
8 Nov. 27 Dec. 4
9 Jan. 15 Jan. 22
10 Jan. 29 Feb. 5
11 Feb. 12 Feb. 19
12 Feb. 26 March 5
13 March 12 March 19
14 March 26 April 2
15 April 9 April 16
16 April 23 April 30

* Color reservations due 2 weeks before publication date.

Advertising Guidelines

* Payment for ads running three issues or less is due in full prior to publications deadlines for the first ad being run.
* Payment for ads running beyond three issues requires the same three-issue payment in full prior to the publication, with subsequent ads being billed upon publication. Payments for those ads are due over 30 days after publications. The finance charges on amounts due over 30 days are as follow: 1.5 percent per month; 18 percent annually.
* Advertising contracts are required for all display ads in The Lookout.
* Any advertiser who has already established credit with The Lookout by paying for advertising within the past two years will be billed upon publications. Payments will be due within 30 days of publication.
* A $20 typographical charge may be assessed for special services. These include ad design, art work, photo services, reverses, etc.
* Political advertising must identify the sponsor(s) and must be prepaid.
* The Lookout reserves the right to refuse any advertisement which reflects discrimination, or which does not meet the standards observed by the newspaper and its staff.