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The Lookout | January 22, 2022

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Student hopes to own a business

Student hopes to own a business
  • On November 17, 2021

By Zena Farhan
Staff Writer

Tabarak Alqaizy is a first-year LCC student who is interested in art and business.

Alqaizy said she sees herself as an understanding person.

“(I am) really kind, friendly, understanding,” Alqaizy said. “I’m always a person that’s down to learn new things and experience new things.”

Alqaizy said she would like to be a businesswoman, but she is unsure of what kind yet.

“Growing up, I always wanted to have my own business one day,” she said.

Alqaizy recalled that she enjoys drawing in her free time.

“I love to draw and go to the gym in my free time,” Alqaizy said. “If one day I didn’t have school or anything, I’ll be hanging out with my friends.

“I have been drawing since I was a kid, but mostly I started liking it the most during middle school, and then started doing it more and more during high school.”

Alqaizy said she chose LCC for its social aspects, as she has friends and family who attend.

She said she is unsure of her plans after LCC.

“I’m still on that plan of deciding what my future path would be like, but off of what I have decided right now I might transfer to (a) university after,” Alqaizy said. “I’ll just (keep) trying until I get to a place where I am happy, and I have my life together.

“(I plan to stay in-state) but if one day I get the chance to be in another state I will.”

Alqaizy works in the LCC library, where she assists students with their needs.

Alqaizy’s coworker and friend, Syeda Mahreen, described her as amiable.

“I would describe Tabarak as hard working,” Mahreen said. “When I first met her at my job, I saw her will to put effort in. She has an amiable personality, which made a comfortable atmosphere for other students.”