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The Lookout | January 23, 2022

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LCC student has passion for technology

LCC student has passion for technology
  • On November 11, 2021

By Zena Farhan
Staff Writer

Romel’o Ellis is a 21-year-old computer science major who is inspired by art and technology.

Ellis said he describes himself as a unique person.

“I am very outgoing, a little different, in tune with most things, and unordinary,” Ellis said. “I like to create things, whether it’s art, music or film.

“I used to publish things in high school, but now I’m just trying to find myself. You’re your biggest critic … It’s not that I don’t appreciate the things I create, I just want to perfect it.”

Ellis said he chose to major in computer science because he originally wanted to be an inventor.

“Technology has always helped make humanity a little bit better and a little bit easier, like Uber,” Ellis said. “You can just pick up your phone and get a ride anywhere. Little stuff like that is so much bigger than it is. Technology is the best tool that we ever created.”

Ellis mentioned his passion for pursuing his talents without limitation.

“You can’t just have one talent, you’re free to be multidisciplinary,” he said. “The reason why is because society expects you to only be good at one thing, putting you in a box. (But) you can be whatever you want to be. You don’t have to limit yourself.

“When people’s expectations play a role in creativity, it alters the artistic perspective. When you don’t let expectations affect your art, it helps you create.”

Ellis recalled his reasoning for choosing LCC was because of extensive research.

“I chose LCC because it was near the Capitol of Michigan and I did research,” Ellis said. “I weighed the pros and the cons and I saw that LCC was the best choice.”

Ellis said he plans on transferring to the University of Michigan to study computer science.

“The school just speaks to me, I feel like I’ll fit right in,” he said. “I like where it’s located and it’s a nice city with lots of diversity. It’s close to my family and it’s a really good school. If I get into University of Michigan I’ll get a scholarship.”

Ellis’ close friend, Hiroko Taniguchi, described him as welcoming to new ideas.

“I would describe Romel’o as an open-minded individual who cares about humanity,” Taniguchi said.