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The Lookout | January 22, 2022

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Athlete Spotlight: Spiker Chyanna Caster

Athlete Spotlight: Spiker Chyanna Caster
  • On September 23, 2021

The Lookout Staff Writer Arianne Olayinka recently conversed with volleyball player Chyanna Caster. The sophomore from Haslett is an early education major at Lansing Community College.

When did you start playing volleyball?
“I started playing my freshman year of high school.”

What is your volleyball position?
“Middle front, but I also play all around.”

Why did you choose to attend LCC?”
“I chose LCC because it seemed like the best fit for me at the time, and I got to continue playing volleyball at a college level. It was the best fit academically/sports wise and very local to me.”

What qualities do you find make a good teammate?
“I think the best qualities for a teammate (are) to be communicative, supportive, confident, (and) hardworking, as well as being positive.”

How does your team celebrate after a victory?
“Well normally we are all screaming/cheering and get into a circle to “team it up,” which is saying ‘Stars on three’ super loud. (We) high five each other and say positive outcomes from the game.”

What is your favorite song to listen to before a game?
“My favorite song is ‘Imma Be’ by The Black Eyed Peas.”

Do you have any funny or embarrassing team stories?
“One time we were running sprints with bungee cords attached to our waist while two teammates hold the bungee cords and Anna Porritt, our setter, fell face first to the ground so hard it made a loud thud!”

Who is your role model?
“My role model would be my mom. She works super hard and somehow raised my three siblings and I all by herself. She inspires me to be my best and treat others with nothing but love and kindness.”

What are your future volleyball plans?
“At the moment I am unsure for my future volleyball plans, I have had talks with the coaches about where and if I want to continue playing. Right now I’m looking at some D2 schools to play at, but may just want to continue my academics alone.”