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The Lookout | June 19, 2021

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Review: ‘Yes Day’ movie gets a big yes

Review: ‘Yes Day’ movie gets a big yes

Five out of Five Stars

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

One of Netflix’s most recent original movies, “Yes Day,” was released March 12. It features the Torres family, who embark on a day full of endless fun.

Parents Allison (played by Jennifer Garner) and Carlos (Édgar Ramírez) were an adventurous, risk-taking couple in their younger days, but settled down when they got married and had children.

Allison and Carlos have a “good cop,” “bad cop” relationship when it comes to disciplining their kids, and Allison is often the one who says “no” to things in order to keep their kids safe.

The couple has three kids: Katie, Nando and Ellie. The kids, especially 14-year-old Katie, think their mom is incapable of having fun. After Allison tells Katie she cannot go to a music festival called “Fleekfest” with her friends without a parent, the pair make a wager.

If the kids do their chores, keep good grades and stay out of trouble they will be rewarded with a 24-hour period called “yes day,” when Allison and Carlos are not allowed to say “no.” There is a set of rules: nothing dangerous, illegal, or more than 20 miles from their California home – and they have to stay within budget.

If the parents fail to get through “yes day” without saying “no,” Allison agrees to let Katie go to Fleekfest with her friends, without adult supervision. If the parents make it through “yes day,” without saying no, Katie has to go to the festival with Allison.

The kids come up with a list of five “Big Asks” for the family to complete, and the Torres’ have their wildest day yet.

R&B singer-songwriter H.E.R. gives a touching performance as herself and is a great addition to the film.

“Yes Day” is a cute story about a family who loves each other to pieces. It might leave you wanting to call your mom.