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The Lookout | May 13, 2021

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‘Superstore’ site of wacky happenings

‘Superstore’ site of wacky happenings
  • On March 16, 2021

Five Stars out of Five

By Chloe Gregg

Staff Writer

“Superstore” is a new-to-me 2015 NBC show that is currently in its penultimate season. Although the show has a wide variety of characters and storylines, the main characters are Amy Sosa (played by America Ferrara) and Jonah (played by Ben Feldman).

In the beginning, Jonah has just begun working for Amy at a big superstore called Cloud 9. This superstore has literally everything; it’s as if every store in existence collaborated. This enables lots of wacky and funny things to happen.

The show takes place mostly in the store. It follows the characters who work at the store as they rise the ranks, lose their jobs, and make lots of poor but hilarious decisions. Other notable characters include clueless store manager Glenn, abrasive assistant manager Dina, and airheaded Cheyenne.

This is a great pick-me-up show with lots of mindless laughter. Jonah and Amy to “Superstore” is kind of like the Jim and Pam of “The Office.” At first they seem like they don’t belong with the weirdos around them. But as the show goes on, the clearer it is that the employees are more than just co-workers; they are a family.

Now with COVID going on, Superstore employees all wear masks and have episodes that make fun of a lot of the daily COVID struggles everyone goes through today.

“Superstore” is available to watch on the NBC network, and to stream on Hulu and YouTubeTV.