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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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Student seeks career teaching music

Student seeks career teaching music

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

For thousands of years, music has been used for entertainment and expression. Music is everywhere; from band class to the car radio to even phones now.

Everywhere you look, music is there, healing someone’s mind, giving someone a good time, or inspiring a future creator.

An LCC student from a small town outside of Lansing called Laingsburg is inspired all the time by music. Jacob Dafoe, an 18-year-old music major, said he eventually plans on transferring to Central Michigan University to advance his music education.

“I would eventually like to teach high school band or teach private lessons,” Dafoe said. “My ideal career is in music education.”

As a past band student himself, Dafoe has already had plenty of experience and won many awards in music. Dafoe was in the Laingsburg bands all throughout middle school and high school. He played the alto saxophone during concert season and was on the drum set during marching band.

Dafoe was even involved in the non-required extracurricular Jazz Band, in which he played on the drum set.

Dafoe accomplished a lot in music in high school, and was rewarded greatly for his efforts.

“I won a few awards through high school, including the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the John Philip Sousa Award, the Musicianship Award, as well as second runner-up solo award at the CMU Jazzfest,” Dafoe said. “I also went to states for solo ensemble playing snare drum.”

Dafoe’s band teacher and director for all of those years, from middle school until the end of high school, was Thomas Cousineau. He was there from the start with Dafoe, and watched him blossom from a funny 12-year-old class clown to the accomplished musician he is today.

“Jacob was one of those students that a teacher comes across very rarely,” Cousineau said. “He was able to take anything I gave him and knock it out of the park.

“He is a jazz purist, acknowledging and studying the jazz greats, while continually trying to develop his own sound. I’m excited to watch Jacob continue to grow as a musician and an educator.”