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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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Alumnus Spotlight: Amber Stairs

Alumnus Spotlight: Amber Stairs

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

During her professional career, Amber Stairs, development director for the non-profit Haven House in East Lansing, has been a student at LCC two different times.

“The first time was straight out of high school way back in 2004,” Stairs said. “At that time (I) studied child development, and then I went on to have a career in that field.”

Stairs attended courses through the University Center for her undergraduate education during her initial time at LCC.

In 2019, Stairs said she went back to school at LCC for the purpose of a career change.

“I (originally) went on to be employed by a school district, but I ended up in a lot of administrative positions,” Stairs said. “That really wasn’t the plan, that’s just kind of how it happened.

“I realized, ‘OK, if I want to progress and move forward in life,’ … I felt like I needed to go back and get some additional education (to) support me making a field change.”

Stairs said during her return to LCC a few years ago, she was impressed with the college’s advancement and the level of its curriculum.

“Especially because I had something to compare it to from 2004 to going back in, in 2019,” Stairs said. “The curriculum was very top-notch; very up to par and very similar to what you would have received at a four-year university.”

Stairs said she always knew she wanted to serve and work in a family atmosphere. She has experience working as both an administrator for a school district and on the executive team for Dean Transportation.

“Although they’re school bus transportation, it’s still very much focused on serving families and serving youth, absolutely, that’s the culture of the company,” Stairs said of Dean Transportation.

Stairs continued: “When I completed my degree I really was intentional in figuring out a way to merge the both of those. So, I always knew I was really good in marketing, I was really good at administrative, and then, I also knew I wanted to advocate for the mission of families, women and children.”

During her managerial marketing class, Stairs said she did a case study on Haven House and that it familiarized her with the organization.

“Coincidently, they had a position open,” she said. “I applied for it and this is where I landed.”

As the Haven House Director of Development, Stairs said she advocates for the mission and sheltering of its families, builds relationships within the community and works to fund the budget and market for the non-profit.

In addition to working with families at Haven House, Stairs said she has a 15-year-old son of her own.

Stairs reiterated her advocacy for LCC and said she relishes her time at the college.

“(LCC) definitely is a gem right here in Lansing and will continue to be a great opportunity, especially for some of these kids coming directly out of high school,” Stairs said. “(LCC) really taught me a lot about who I am and how I want to serve the Lansing community.”