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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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TLC Building renovations are complete

TLC Building renovations are complete Library Research Help TLC entrance Computer lab
  • On February 26, 2021

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

After a long period of construction, renovations to LCC’s TLC Building were completed in January.

“Almost of the work is done, but a few items will arrive in the next month,” said Library Director John Szilagyi. “These items include some furniture for staff areas and new computers for the open computer lab. These items will arrive before the space opens for students.”

Changes to the TLC include a new layout of the first floor.

“Students will immediately see the openness … most of the interior walls have been removed,” Szilagyi said. “The walls that now exist are glass.”

One of the major changes is that the Learning Commons will be located in the TLC building, Szilagyi said.

“The first floor will provide STEM and Business and Economics tutoring,” he said. “(It) contains a flexible classroom space that the Learning Commons will use for tutoring programs.

Szilagyi also mentioned the first floor of the TLC Building now has a café.

“The café will offer a large selection of food options from ultra-modern vending machines,” he said.

Szilagyi said the second floor of the TLC Building will provide library research help; liberal studies tutoring; writing assistance; a computer lab; collaborative space, study rooms, an emerging technology space with 3D printers; a Virtual Reality (VR) machine; video and audio recording space; and a large format printer.

“Both the first and second floor … have a Help Zone area,” Szilagyi said. “Students can visit the Help Zone upon entering the building, for assistance and referral to the appropriate academic support services.”

Help Zone employee Yass Yass works from home and on campus. Yass said he likes the renovations and has seen it first-hand.

“I very much … dig it,” Yass said. “I like the whole modern look and theme of LCC blue and gray, and it is aesthetically pleasing and feels nice to be around … It has everything students need to be successful at LCC.”

Yass added: “I am looking forward to students seeing it, and experiencing it fully with other students utilizing every aspect of it. … Also, I am really looking forward to (experiencing) more of the music and entertainment rooms; gaming room.”

The first and second floors of TLC will also include ADA-compliant, gender-neutral bathrooms.

Finally, students can find a quiet place to study on the third floor.

Although the TLC Building is not open to the public just yet, the library is still offering its services. These include curbside pick-up for books, textbook and calculator reservations, and research help from a librarian via “Ask a Librarian” at

Additionally, students in need of a laptop can call 517-483-1038 to make an appointment to pick one up.

To learn more on making an appointment visit