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The Lookout | August 5, 2021

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Movie review: ‘To All the Boys’ wraps up

Movie review: ‘To All the Boys’ wraps up
  • On February 16, 2021

Five out of five stars

By Julie Newell
Associate Editor

The final installment of the trilogy “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” was released on Netflix, Friday, Feb. 12.

“To All the Boys: Always and Forever” takes place during Lara Jean Covey’s (Lana Condor) senior year of high school.

The movie starts off showing the Covey family taking a trip to Seoul, Korea, for spring break vacation. During this trip Lara Jean’s father shares with his daughters his plan to propose to his girlfriend soon. 

The movie goes on to show Lara Jean and her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), still going strong in their relationship and making plans for their future together.

The couple experiences all the activities senior year has to offer, including a senior trip to New York City and, of course, prom. Meanwhile, Lara Jean struggles with indecision on where to go to college after she gets rejected by Stanford University, which is where Peter is going to college.

The movie shows all the staples of senior year, but also handles the difficult choices those soon-to-be young adults have to make after high school.

I enjoyed how this movie focused on the relatable issues of having a high school sweetheart and trying to figure out if a long distance relationship can work.

The movie was full of humor, romance and relatable situations.

In my opinion, the third movie was much better than the second movie in this trilogy. I recommend this movie to all those hopeless romantics in the world.