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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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LCC student loves drawing cartoons

LCC student loves drawing cartoons
  • On December 4, 2020

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

It takes a special kind of person to be able to draw people well with pen and paper. It takes an extraordinary type of person to be able to bring their drawings to life.

That’s just what freshman Morgan Velderman, a digital media specialist major, is all about. After going “above and beyond” during an eighth grade history project by creating a minute-long animation, Velderman fell in love with animation and discovered that her peers loved her animations, too.

“My ultimate dream would be to make my own cartoon,” said Velderman. “I’ve dreamt about doing that ever since I was little and I even came up with a concept and characters for a show.

“I had to put that project on the backburner because I was 15 at the time and I realized I had no idea how to make a cartoon. It’s definitely a goal of mine to make it real one day.”

Velderman said she doesn’t currently have any solid plans for after LCC, but would really enjoy a job in video editing at some point. She said that she has edited some videos for YouTubers and streamers, and that she has really enjoyed being able to be creative with the videos and “leave her mark.”

“As I am not the strongest artist out there, I am constantly criticizing my work,” she said. “I have numerous cartoons that remain unfinished because I hated the art style for them. I do tend to stick to 2D animation; I like the more cartoony look. I like how it doesn’t limit the characters to more humanistic qualities and it gives me more creativity with animation.

“I’m still not very good at 2D animation, but it’s the style I’ve stuck to since the beginning and you can see my improvement in every video.”

Velderman said her animations are often of YouTube videos made by creators she enjoys watching, while others are inspired directly from her own life. She said it is fun to make those into animations and give people a look into what her thoughts look like.

Velderman’s lifelong friend, Kolton Wicke, said he is proud to see how far Velderman has come.

“It’s been pretty interesting watching Morgan grow and develop into her creative self with animating,” Wicke said. “There’s been lots of times in the past five years or so that we would meet up to discuss ideas or goals she had for herself as an animator. So seeing it bloom and expand into something she’s envisioned has been really nice to see as a friend and coworker of sorts.”

Velderman posts consistently on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @morgan.wizard. Her cartoons can be found on YouTube under the channel named morganwizard or at

Those interested can also watch her working on cartoons live at, where she said she likes to explain the meaning behind cartoons and the inspiration while listening to lo-fi music.