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The Lookout | April 18, 2021

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Julie’s Jukes: Christmas tree shines bright

Julie’s Jukes: Christmas tree shines bright
  • On November 23, 2020

By Julie Newell
Associate Editor

Usually, in my family we have a rule that we don’t start decorating, listening, or watching anything Christmas-related until after Thanksgiving.

There is an exception to the rule: If my family from out of state is visiting for Thanksgiving that year and we are celebrating Thanksmas (both Christmas and Thanksgiving).

Julie Newell’s first personal Christmas tree is up and lighted. Photo by Julie Newell

We have this rule because people tend to overlook the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now I understand the history of the holiday is not the greatest, but we like to take the Thanksgiving holiday and use it as a way to be thankful for the blessings in our lives.

Also, a holiday that has a main focus of amazing food should never be overlooked.

However, with all of the chaos that is the year 2020, we decided to not have the “no Christmas before Thanksgiving rule.”

In light of the rule being lifted for this year, I have decided to decorate my own Christmas tree for the first time.

Now, this may sound confusing, so let me explain.

I graduated from high school in 2016, then moved into an apartment in Grand Rapids with my sister and a roommate. I went to Grand Rapids Community College for about three years, then decided to change my career.

My sister and I moved into an apartment in Portland, which is about halfway between Grand Rapids and Lansing. I finished my degree and graduated from GRCC and now go to LCC.

My sister graduated last fall and got a job right away near our hometown.

I had to move to a new place, and found one close to LCC. I now live without a roommate, or parents, for the first time in my life.

This means I have never decorated my own place before, and never had my own Christmas tree. I was excited and probably spent a little too much money on Christmas decorations.

Last night I turned on a Christmas movie and started putting up my tree.

Here are a few observations from my decorating adventure:

  • Having a pre-lit tree is so much easier.
  • Why do fake trees always make my hands feel rough?
  • I’m not sure which makes a bigger mess: tinsel or glitter.
  • It takes a long time to put up a tree by yourself.

It took several hours and a total of three Christmas movies, but I got my tree up and decorated. I am very happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to finish putting up some lights and a couple other decorations around my apartment.