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The Lookout | December 2, 2020

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Movie review: ‘Support the Girls’ shines

Movie review: ‘Support the Girls’ shines
  • On October 21, 2020

Five Stars out of Five

By Joanna MacGown
Freelance Writer

“Support the Girls” presents a day in the life of a manager (Lisa) at Double Whammies, a not-at-all subtle local Hooters rip-off. It is a day which starts out badly, and gradually spirals out of control, and I loved it.

This movie is available for free on Kanopy, a streaming service which has greatly expanded my viewing habits since quarantine. It is available to basically anyone with a library card.

Regina Hall received several awards for the lead role of Lisa, and she anchors the film as a woman being pulled in a dozen different directions. It’s billed as a comedy, and although I did laugh plenty as the girls grew more and more unruly (converging in a brilliant scene where they literally scream their frustrations from the rooftops), it’s far more interested in sympathizing with its (mostly female) cast than laughing at them. This is what makes it so enjoyable for me.

Anybody who’s ever been underappreciated for the work that they do might find Lisa relatable, but especially women who are constantly forced to navigate the fragile male egos that surround them.

This is a story about women who are seemingly objectified more than in most professions, but at least they know where they stand, and their manager stands behind them. The movie has its fair share of on-screen diversity, but it rarely draws attention to it, because it’s just being realistic.

If you want a movie to laugh and commiserate with about being a woman in a man’s world, this might just do the trick.

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