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The Lookout | March 9, 2021

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Chloe’s Chat: My least favorite countries

Chloe’s Chat: My least favorite countries
  • On October 19, 2020

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

Sorry about not continuing this series in my last column. I just was so inspired by Bigfoot I had to say something.

Nevertheless, with this continuation from my column on Germany and Scotland (my two favorite countries I’ve ever been to), we will discuss my least favorite countries and why.

France: Do you like walking in dog poop on the street and seeing grown men pee in public? If so, you’ll love Paris. In Paris, it’s normal to not pick up after your dog and it’s normal to urinate in public.

The public bathrooms of Paris cost money to get into and are not just free like in other places. This is probably a reason why people relieve themselves on the street.

Paris is far, far too busy. The Metro (train system) is a nightmare. You can’t not be squeezed in next to someone else when you get on, unless it’s very early.

And don’t even think about driving. The streets are too crowded with too many people walking, running, driving, biking, everything. It feels like you’re trying to walk through a music festival, always.

Also, everyone smokes in France so especially just like in a music festival, you will be trying to find your way through smoky skies.

Britain: London is very similar to Paris in that there are too many people and all of them smoke. Also, did you know that Big Ben is currently under construction, has been for over three years and will continue to be under construction for the next few years as well?

Britain isn’t magical. Just like Paris, it is constantly busy. But in Britain, the weather is horrible. It felt like I was in my seasonal blues for my entire duration because the sun showed its face for maybe one hour out of the day.

Besides Big Ben and visiting castles or old churches, there’s not much to do, either. And once you’ve visited three or so castles, they’re all about the same.

For this series, I have so far been focused on countries in Europe, but next column I will introduce a few countries from the Bahaman waters.