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The Lookout | November 30, 2020

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LCC student/artist starts own business

LCC student/artist starts own business
  • On October 16, 2020

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

There have been plenty of aspiring artists throughout the years, but not many have opened up their first art shop by the age of 19.

Jayna Bennett, an LCC graphic communication major, did just that this past June on an art shop platform called “Redbubble.”

According to Bennett, Redbubble is a platform for artists in which they are able to submit their designs to the site and then create how each product they want to sell will look. After that, the company takes care of printing, ordering, manufacturing and shipping.

“I decided to start my Redbubble site, because for so long I was nervous about showing people my artwork, and keeping it pretty private,” Bennett said. “I figured Redbubble would be a good way for me to start getting my art out in the world, and allow me to build more confidence in my art.”

Bennett said she hopes to one day work as a graphic designer along with being able to create her own art on the side. She aspires to one day work for herself and sell her artwork full-time.

“For so long I doubted myself,” Bennett said. “I am a lot more confident in my art now. Putting my art on Redbubble showed me that others really do enjoy my artwork.”

Bennett said her bestselling items on her shop are her floral design mugs.

Bennett’s lifelong friend and customer, Nicole Smith, said the art she has obtained from Bennett on Redbubble has been extraordinary.

“I have been rooting for her my whole life, and her work on Redbubble and outside of the company for her own spare time has been incredible across the board,” said Smith. “I recommended her art to my friends and family, and many of them made moves to purchase some for themselves.

“Her art is unique, heartfelt and truly phenomenal. I recommend Jayna and her work on Redbubble, as well as her personal work to everyone I can, and will continue to vouch heavily for her for a long, long time.”

Smith said that the art she received perfectly represents the image on the site, and that there have been no hiccups of issues when it comes to delivery or quality.

For a closer look at Bennett’s art, her art shop can be visited at .

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