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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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Student seeking career involving sports

Student seeking career involving sports
  • On September 30, 2020

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

LCC student Asher Levendoski has always loved sports. Sports have always ruled his life.

From playing varsity tennis and baseball in high school, to participating in basketball and football before that, he said there is nothing he would rather do.

From a young age, Levendoski has known that sports was his calling, but he didn’t really know what he wanted to do, or if he could even work in the sports field. Luckily, he had people help to guide him on the right path.

“My JV tennis coach was (also) the assistant AD at Holt (High School) and he played a huge role in my life,” Levendoski said. “Seeing him enjoy his work made me seriously consider becoming an athletic director.”

Currently working on his general education courses at LCC, Levendoski said he hopes to transfer to the University of Michigan or Grand Valley State after he finishes at LCC. There, he wants to finish out a bachelor’s degree and fulfill his dream of working in sports.

“My plans after LCC are to go into Sports Management to become a coach, athletic director, recruiter, etc.,” Levendoski said. “I primarily (want) to be an athletic director or coach, (but) my goal in general is to stay in sports, since I enjoy them so much.

“I job shadowed Renee Sadler, the current AD at Holt. I really just helped her out for a few hours, but seeing how sports heavy her job was, I found it to be really cool.”

Levendoski’s tennis partner and best friend, Jason Kline, said he is proud of Levendoski.

“No matter what it is, anything that Asher takes part in he works hard to make sure that he does the best he possibly can,” Kline said about Levendoski. “This hard work gets amplified even more when it’s about something he really cares about, and he is more passionate about sports, and a variety of sports at that, than the majority of people.

“Going into the field of sports management puts him in the middle of his passion, and allows him to put his great work ethic to use in a field where his passion will shine through in everything he does.”