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The Lookout | May 13, 2021

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Maddy’s Message: A career in journalism

Maddy’s Message: A career in journalism
  • On September 21, 2020

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

My journalism career began in my senior year of high school.

During the first three years of high school, my schedule was full of extra-curricular: choir and French. But I made sure to leave room for the newspaper my last year, to test if I wanted to go into journalism in college.

During the first month of school, my adviser taught the rookies in class the basics, while the returnees published the first issue.

I quickly learned the ropes, style rules and rediscovered my childhood love for writing. I went on to write some of the biggest stories covered in the student newspaper that year.

After I graduated in 2019, I went to LCC and started at The Lookout as a freelance reporter before eventually taking a staff writer position. I am currently the editor in chief.

My experience writing for The Lookout has been great thus far, and I look forward to the remainder of the academic year.

Since starting college, people in my life often ask what journalism field I want to go into, what I want to do after graduation, etc. To be completely honest, I am, like most people, still figuring it out.

Most recently, I found an interest in travel journalism, but I had to take into account unforeseeable crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which would hurt the travel industry.

Design and social media are other paths I have contemplated. I would consider creativity to be a strong suit of mine. Whether it’s designing highlight covers for The Lookout’s Instagram stories or editing photos for my phone lockscreen, I love making aesthetically pleasing art.

The question of legitimacy and credibility among news organizations in recent years have made this major difficult at times. There are moments when I doubt if journalism is truly the right choice for me.

In those moments, I remind myself why I loved it in the first place. Journalists must report facts and inform of what’s most important. In times of fear and uncertainty, people turn to the news.

Journalists give a voice to the voiceless and tell people’s stories every day. Their jobs are essential and I respect them immensely.

Despite a few remaining question marks, I am excited to go into a field that offers endless career opportunities and one I am passionate about.