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The Lookout | October 30, 2020

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Internship program encourages voting

Internship program encourages voting
  • On September 17, 2020

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

Rise Michigan is offering an internship to students who are enrolled part- or full-time in a Michigan college or university, from now until the Nov. 3 Presidential Election.

According to its website, the student-led non-profit organization campaigns to make college free and accessible for all.

“The Rise internship is an excellent opportunity for young progressive individuals to become involved in work with politics, as well as to develop skills that are valuable,” college student and Rise Michigan employee Benji Schall said.

Duties include sending messages, posts and emails to do outreach, and some video calls.

“Interns are tasked with reaching out to other student voters in their social circle to have them use an online tool,, to view information about their ballot for the November election,” Schall said.

The internship is exclusively online. Rise Michigan interns will theoretically be accepted up to Oct. 20, two weeks before the election.

“Interns are accepted in an ongoing, asynchronous fashion,” Schall said. “Each intern’s goal is to have 50 students use their personal link to the tool over the course of two weeks.”

Schall said the position is flexible for any schedule, and that interns work on their own time. They can message students individually, or reach out to a broader audience by posting on social media, if they choose.

“Interns also will set up times that work for them to meet periodically with other interns and the Rise fellow they are assigned to for support,” Schall said. “There are occasionally other optional activities that stem from the theme of political engagement that are available to interns, also virtually.”

Interns are given brief training and suggestions on how to go about outreach, but Schall said they ultimately have freedom when it comes to deciding how they will approach the tasks.

When 50 students use, interns reach their goal and are paid a one-time stipend of $100 for their work.

“There are occasional bonuses that will be offered for interns who go above and beyond in their work,” Schall said. “For example, there may be an offer of an additional $50 for interns who reach 100 students having used their link.”

Schall said many student voters don’t take advantage of the right to vote.

“(Student voters) fail to recognize it as an opportunity to change the world they live in,” Schall said. “This internship empowers progressive students to contribute to having their and other like-minded students’ views and needs accurately represented in government by encouraging those students to exercise their right to vote in an educated manner.”

Schall added in addition to basic information, the application requires a 250-word essay explaining why the applicant is interested in working as a Rise Michigan intern.

Those interested in the internship can apply at

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