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The Lookout | February 26, 2021

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Review: New series supernaturally good

Review: New series supernaturally good
  • On September 15, 2020

Five out of Five Stars

By Julie Newell
Associate Editor

Binge watching TV shows has become an artform. There are so many different streaming services now, that one can watch an entire TV series in a week without having to worry about those annoying commercials.

Netflix is one of those streaming services that has done well with its original movies and shows. One of those shows is “Julie and the Phantoms,” which premiered on Netflix Sept. 10.

After losing her mother, teenager Julie Molina (played by Madison Reyes) lost her passion for music. One day, after cleaning out the loft in her mother’s old studio, Julie finds an old demo CD of a band called Sunset Curve and starts listening to it. Suddenly, three teenage boys appear. These boys were a part of Sunset Curve and died 25 years ago before they could make it in the music industry.

Luke (played by Charles Gillespie), Alex (Owen Joyner) and Reggie (Jeremy Shada) have to figure out why they came back as ghosts, and decide to help Julie get her passion for music back. Together they discover that when they perform with Julie, everyone can see them, but when they stop playing, they disappear and only Julie can see them.

Filled with comedy, drama, great music, heartfelt moments and just the right amount of strange, “Julie and the Phantoms” touch on the difficult subjects of loss and grief, while also bringing in lots of laughs and good music.

The show, to my surprise and excitement, is executive produced and directed by the famous choreographer, Kenny Ortega, who is known for his work on the “High School Musical” movies.

I would not recommend this show to anyone who did not like the “High School Musical” movies. The show is a bit on the cheesy side. It’s a musical and is a bit strange, which is not for everyone.

Overall, “Julie and the Phantoms” is a great show. I happen to share a name with the main character, and I hope it will be picked up for a second season.