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The Lookout | October 23, 2020

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TLC building makeover nears conclusion

TLC building makeover nears conclusion
  • On September 3, 2020

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

Renovations to LCC’s Abel B. Sykes Jr. Technology and Learning Center (TLC) began in fall 2019.

The renovations took longer than expected due to the pandemic. As of right now, the hope is the project will be completed by November of this year.

All four levels of the building received renovations.

“The first floor was completely redone,” Interim Library Director John Szilagyi said. “They tore out pretty much every wall on the first floor except for the bathrooms and the elevators … everything else was demolished and redone.”

A new feature of the TLC building will be a small cafe on the first floor.

Additionally, the first and second floors will be the new home for the Learning Commons. The first floor will be for math and sciences, while the second floor will be for liberal arts.

“Most of our services will be provided on the main campus through the first and second floor of the TLC building,” Director of the Learning Commons Cindy Storie said. “We will have our faculty professional tutors available and we also have learning assistants; they do embedded work in the classroom as well as do study sessions.”

Learning Commons workshops and exam prep parties will also be available.

The second floor had a significant amount of renovations done to it.

Szilagyi said the study rooms were completely remodeled. In addition, the check-out desk and the reference desk were redone as well.

“(The desks) will be a lot more opened now,” Szilagyi said. “Also on the second floor, there is going to be the Writing Studio, which will be kind of its own separate space, but it will have glass walls that will be brand new.”

A new technology space will be available on the second floor. It is where the 3D printers and Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality machine will be located.

Szilagyi said the third floor of the TLC building will be the quiet study space.

“That’s where our books will be now,” he said. “As well as, there (are) a couple study rooms on the third floor, and then a bunch of seating and tables.”

He said although the third floor did not have as many renovations done to it as the first and second floors, it has new carpet and paint and looks much nicer.

As for the fourth floor, Szilagyi said it will be the space for the library and Learning Commons staff offices.

Due to renovations and the ongoing pandemic, the TLC building is currently closed to the public. However, the library has online resources available to meet the needs of students.

The library is still renting out laptops for those who might be in need.

“What students should do is call the number; everything is by appointment,” Szilagyi said. “We have been distributing them in the Gannon parking ramp. So students don’t have to get out of their car or anything like that.”

Szilagyi said safety is the college’s primary concern. He said he hopes students, staff and faculty will be able to use the space in the spring if it is safe to do so.

“I am excited for the project to be completed soon,” Szilagyi said. “I hope that in the future we are all able to return to campus when its safe and everybody can enjoy the new space.”

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