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The Lookout | November 28, 2021

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Review: ‘Work It’ with new Netflix movie

Review: ‘Work It’ with new Netflix movie
  • On August 18, 2020

Four out of Five Stars
By Julie Newell

Associate Editor

Amid all of the Netflix original movies and sequels that have been recently released, the Netflix film “Work It” was among them.

Released Friday, Aug. 7, “Work It” has the perfect balance of comedy, heartfelt moments and romance that a classic feel-good movie requires.

The movie features Sabrina Carpenter as the main character, Quinn Ackerman, whose dream is to get accepted into the college of her dreams: Duke University.

In order to do that, Quinn must step out of her comfort zone to show the university’s admissions representative that she is not like all the other applicants. She attempts to do this by joining her high school’s dance team and performing at the Work It dance competition.

Due to her inability to dance, Quinn goes to her best friend, Jasmine “Jas” Hale (played by YouTube celebrity Liza Koshy) who is currently on the dance team, The Thunderbirds.

Jas helps Quinn get ready for the Thunderbird auditions, but is rejected by the team’s captain Isaiah “Julliard” Pembroke (played by Keiynan Lonsdale).

Determined to get into Duke University, Quinn and Jas form a ragtag group of dancers. They enlist the help of a famous dancer and winner of the competition, Jake Taylor (played by Jordan Fisher), to choreograph for them. Due to a knee injury, Jake went off of the social media grid and got a job teaching at a dance studio. He is, at first, unwilling to help.

The ever-persistent Quinn continues to try to convince Jake to help, and the two begin to develop romantic feelings.

This movie shows the struggles of high school students trying to find themselves while also having to begin the adventures of integrating into the life of a young adult after high school.

“Work It” is a classic underdog story that we all know and can easily predict the plotline of the film. Predictability is not always bad, which is why many people, like myself, still continue to watch Hallmark movies.

This film, even with a common storyline, is still enjoyable and a definite add-on to your watch list.

“Work It” can be streamed on Netflix.