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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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A&S room honoring Knight unveiled

A&S room honoring Knight unveiled

By Maddy Warren
Editor In Chief

The LCC Board of Trustees recently unveiled a redesigned conference room dedicated to showcasing the legacy of President Dr. Brent Knight, whose retirement starts July 17.

It is located on the second floor of the Arts & Science Building, on LCC’s downtown campus.

In the newly renovated room are in-wall graphics and Knight’s published works, as well as details of his board and committee service and awards.

The space displays highlights of his 12-year career and the contributions Knight made to the college and the greater Lansing community. It includes a tribute to his mother and his upbringing. It also details his dedication to student success and place-making during his career in higher education.

“I was surprised, delighted, and touched by the honor,” Knight said. “It was a wonderful surprise that I will always cherish.”

The Knight Conference Room exhibits the many art and sculpture projects, building improvements and campus enhancements that have happened since the start of Knight’s LCC tenure.

Also included in the room is a miniature replica of “in Finite Space,” the multicolored hanging artwork in LCC’s StarZone.

“I am glad the Board of Trustees did something like this to create a lasting legacy and remembrance of all the things Dr. Knight did as president of LCC,” said Trustee Larry Meyer. “The location is phenomenal.”

The room overlooks “Upward Bound,” the sculpture that was installed in the center of campus this past year, under Knight’s leadership.

Benita Duncan, executive assistant and liaison to the Board of Trustees, said she was contacted by Board of Trustees Chair Lawrence Hidalgo after they learned of Knight’s retirement plans. Hidalgo and the rest of the board enlisted Duncan’s help in finding the best parting gift for Knight.

“After many months of coming up with nothing,” Duncan said, “one day when I was in the Health & Human Services Building, I stopped to look at my father’s name on the Veterans Memorial Wall and thought how nice it was to have the legacy of his service there.

“That is when the idea came to me to memorialize the history and legacy of Dr. Knight, of what he did at LCC and who he was. I knew in my heart that Dr. Knight would really like that.”

Duncan said she ran her idea of an ambient learning wall, dedicated to Knight, to the board chair.

“Dr. Knight’s is known for his ambient learning walls, so why not do one on him,” Duncan said.  “Everyone will know who (he) is, was and what he did for LCC. It would be the perfect way to honor him. The chair thought it was a great idea and from there we moved forward with it.”

In the video, titled “Unveiling of New Knight Conference Room,” Trustee Angela Mathews expressed her thoughts about the project.

“It was important for the board to recognize the phenomenal work that Dr. Knight has done,” Mathews said. “We are on the map of community colleges and it is because of Dr. Knight, so I am so glad that this particular project took place. It turned out absolutely phenomenal and wonderful, just like Dr. Knight.”