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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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LCC unveils new parking ramp plans

LCC unveils new parking ramp plans

By Robin Morales
Associate Editor

LCC announced May 15 that the college will discontinue its original plans to build a five-story parking structure across from the University Center.

The move came after hearing an influx of complaints from city residents.

“The most recent plan is to build one ramp,” LCC President Dr. Brent Knight said, “to demolish the Gannon ramp and replace it as rapidly as possible.”

The current three-story Gannon ramp is in disrepair and needs replacing, Knight has said.

Knight said LCC is engaged in conversation with the City of Lansing to rebuild the Gannon ramp as a five-story parking structure. LCC is also seeking approval from the State of Michigan to initiate construction amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s multiple steps, and approval was granted for one or more steps,” Knight said.

LCC’s next president, Dr. Steve Robinson, said he is researching the nature of parking at LCC.

“I’ve been following the LCC parking issue,” Robinson said. “I have to do a lot of studying and a lot of listening. I want to learn about the particular context.”

Knight said he hopes to enliven the appearance of the flat lot across from the University Center by adding “green” spaces.

“It would … have plant-life along the perimeter,” Knight said.

Knight said the college has challenges ahead in terms of parking for the 20-20-21 school year.

“The year that the parking structure would be rebuilt, that will be a difficult year in terms of parking,” Knight said. “We’re busily working on maximizing the number of spaces during that year … to have the most … parking available for students.”