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The Lookout | April 13, 2021

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Maddy’s Message: look around, reflect

Maddy’s Message: look around, reflect

By Maddy Warren
Staff Writer

Since the beginning of stay-at-home orders, evening drives around my hometown have become a daily ritual for me.

To set the scene, I grab my keys and hop in my 2012 Toyota Camry. After starting the engine and fastening my seatbelt, I immediately roll the windows down and blast my favorite Spotify playlists while my dog sits in the passenger seat beside me. Car rides are her favorite; she loves them just as much as I do.

I went to Haslett schools from kindergarten until I graduated last year. I have only lived there for five years now, but it is where I spent the majority of my life. It is a small town, but it has character and a lot of unique features that are special to me.

During my recent car adventures, I realized how refreshing it is to be able to drive around with no place to go. For the first time in years, I no longer have to rush to get to my destination. I never got a chance to look around and see the town for what it is because I was always in a hurry to get to school, rehearsal, practice, work, etc.

Among other things, Haslett is probably best known for Lake Lansing. I always found the name ironic considering the lake isn’t even located in Lansing.

I always loved driving around the lake, but I recently noticed how peaceful it is as the sun is setting, especially when the light peaks through the trees and the houses as it reflects off the water.

I started to wonder what other things I failed to notice before.

There is a row of small shops next to the train tracks and for as long as I can remember, there was a graffiti wall on the side of the last building. I drove by the other day and noticed it had been painted over.

All of this made me realize that we get caught up going through the everyday motions of life. We oftentimes fail to stop and appreciate the world around us.

Take a minute amidst the chaos of quarantine to go outside for a walk or a drive. Listen to your favorite music, reflect on the area you live and appreciate some of its qualities. Even if it is only for a short period of time, it will help take your mind off the stress surrounding the pandemic.

Who knows, you might be surprised to learn what you’ve been missing out on.