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The Lookout | February 26, 2021

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Several classes paused or canceled

Several classes paused or canceled

Maddy Warren
Staff Writer

On March 18, LCC moved every class that it could to a fully online format for the remainder of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there are a number of classes that were paused until a later date or canceled altogether.

“There were 16 sections that were canceled,” LCC Provost Sally Welch said. “These are courses that were scheduled to start after spring break, but were canceled before they started. The students were refunded their tuition.”

There is also a number of classes that were paused because they require hands-on learning that cannot be done online, she said.

“These courses will resume as soon as it is deemed safe for the students to return,” Welch said. “This means that we have all the social distancing requirements in place … the courses should pick up where they left off. I expect that faculty will do some work to refresh the material with students.”

Divira Pahwa is a theater major at LCC and had the hands-on learning aspect of her Studio One Performance class canceled. She is also in two dance classes along with her biology and composition classes.

“The acting class has two parts … we’re learning how to act and then the second part was supposed to be our performance,” Pahwa said. “(The professor) had a play for us to perform and learn, but obviously that got canceled.”

After the class moved online, Pahwa said her assignments consisted of writing essays and watching videos about different acting topics.

“The entire acting class was still around (after spring break) and we only had three more weeks of it when quarantine started before we had to actually do our play,” Pahwa said. “But then the play got canceled.”

Pahwa was also a part of the cast of LCC’s production of Middletown, but the performances were also canceled.

“It has to happen but, it was still a fun time,” she said. “It was so sucky, we were a week away from performing.

“Despite not performing it, at least I got to see the whole thing before we had to close it,” she added.

Pahwa said she is planning to transfer to Michigan State University in the fall to continue her degree.

“I was going to take the advanced dance classes in the summer, so that kind of threw me off,” she said. “Because I needed to learn how to dance completely by my freshman year and I haven’t because … the quarantine happened.

“So it’s just a little frustrating, because next year I have to take another dance class when I go to MSU.”

Welch said students should meet with their academic advisers to work out a solution for any canceled classes.

“Program faculty are working with the schedule to make sure courses are offered that students need to graduate, or finding alternative courses they can take to replace what they have missed,” Welch said.