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The Lookout | October 30, 2020

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Guest column: moving on from LCC

Guest column: moving on from LCC

By Danielle Hook
Freelance Writer

After five years at Lansing Community College, I am finally saying goodbye.

I began my LCC career in the Early College Program when I was 16. I learned how to study, and even met one of my best friends while getting my college education. Now I have earned my associate degree in biology.

LCC has meant so much to my family. My parents met when attending LCC. My dad has worked as The Lookout adviser for 16 years. My two brothers both got an education from this institution.

I am so lucky to have the support of my family and my friends through my educational journey. My dad was often on campus for me to turn to when I was getting overwhelmed with classes, needed some social advice, or even money for lunch on a long day. For everything he has done for me, I’m so thankful.

The Lookout office became my hangout. The office was my home away from home over the years as I used the whiteboards to spread joy with silly doodles or learned chemistry.

I spent hours laughing with an ever-changing newspaper staff that included close friends. I have also written many stories as a freelance reporter during the past three years.

Eventually I got a job on campus at the LCC Library. I’ve worked there for two years and have loved every day. I looked forward to going into work, which is something I can’t say for every job I’ve had. The staff became my second family.

More than that, the patrons became a familiar and wonderful part of my everyday routine. I would remember both the username and the favorite study room of the regulars. They would confide in me their struggles with both educational and life goals. I loved serving the students and staff of LCC.

It is time for me to move on in my education. I am going to attend the University of Michigan Flint to major in nursing. I then hope to get my master’s degree in molecular biology. I hope to go into nursing research.

I will never forget the incredible impact of this special little community college in my life.

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