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The Lookout | May 13, 2021

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LCC student committed to new goals

LCC student committed to new goals

By Shauna Stocken
Editor in Chief

After taking a two-year break from education following high school, Hailey May Brown, 20, is committed to new goals as she concludes her first year at LCC.

“I had an interesting go of things after high school,” Brown said. “I got married really young and things didn’t work, so after that I decided that it was definitely time to go back to school.”

Brown is currently enrolled in World Civics to 1600, Intro to Sociology, Intro to Social Work and Stress Management at LCC. She plans to transfer to Michigan State University and join the social work program in the fall of 2021.

“I’d really like to work with women’s education like a community social worker,” Brown said. “My lofty goal in life is to expand women’s education in Afghanistan and other third-world countries.

“That’s my ambition, but what I know I will end up doing is just working in education. I think education is the most valuable tool for anyone, especially it’s a valuable tool for women.”

When Brown is not in class, she spends her time working as the secretary for the LCC Office of Student Compliance. She also volunteers and worships at the Islamic Center of East Lansing.

“Ramadan started five days ago (April 24), so I’m fasting right now and I’m trying to be more involved religiously,” she said. “I’m trying to read more (from the) Quran and watch religious lectures.”

Brown, known to others within her religion as Maymunah, converted to Islam in 2018. She has since been active at her place of worship on a regular basis.

“Now, we are doing a thing where we are handing out dinners to (Muslim) families and (Muslim) singles,” Brown said. “I do that every Saturday and will continue to do it until Ramadan is over.”  

While Brown has adapted to online learning and working from home, face-to-face interactions with her are already deeply missed by those who work with her.

“She (Brown) was fairly new in our office before we had to go remote due to the virus,” said Chris Thompson, director of Student Compliance at LCC. “She is very pleasant and she has been great to work with.”

Thompson said she is anxious to get back to work on campus, and looks forward to further training Brown and getting to know her more.

“She is very enthusiastic and goes above and beyond,” Thompson said. “I almost think she thanks us on a daily basis for having the job and working in our office, and I think she has a lot of great goals.”

Brown said despite the COVID-19 pandemic, her goals remain the same. She encourages everyone to continuing learning during quarantine.

“Even if you’re someone that’s not in college, a university or a traditional learning environment, I think you should always read something,” Brown said.

“Read one news article, cruise through Wikipedia or the world fact books or whatever. Learn something new every day. Learning new things never hurt anyone. It will only help you in the long run.”