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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Editorial: We didn’t pay for online

Editorial: We didn’t pay for online
  • On April 29, 2020

By The Lookout Student Staff

The fight for affordable college tuition has a new battleground as students across the country demand a partial refund for their semester of mandated online learning.

The members of The Lookout staff are among those students in quarantined solidarity. We understand that our school leaders did not anticipate the current pandemic. We understand they made the right choice for our safety by closing our campuses.

All we are saying is that our school leaders should understand we didn’t pay for online classes.

We paid for face-to-face lectures, not for access to documents posted online. We paid to ask questions of our professors in a classroom, not to send emails.

We paid to feel like college students in an environment of higher learning, not to feel like college students when we sit behind our laptops.

Every semester, before we sign up for classes at LCC or anywhere else, we must sign an electronic agreement to pay for the classes we take. Why aren’t our schools obligated to give us the level of education we paid for?

And if they cannot give us the same level of education because of the pandemic, why are they still charging us the same?

Online learning is not face to face and it cannot be recreated, despite anyone’s best effort. Our college leaders have said they hear us and they hear our concerns.

This is our request: the recognition that education of less quality should cost less. Refusing our request for a partial refund would be unethical.