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The Lookout | January 23, 2022

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Scholarships to be honored next year

Scholarships to be honored next year
  • On April 23, 2020

By Julie Newell
Sports/Photo Editor

As the COVID-19 quarantine continues and the future remains uncertain, LCC continues to do everything it can to help its students in any way.

“The NJCAA is not charging student-athletes at LCC who participated in softball, baseball, men’s track or women’s track with a season of participation,” LCC Athletic Director Gregory Mallek said.

Many student-athletes come to LCC with scholarships. With the chaos that COVID-19 has brought, many wondered what would happen with those scholarships.

 “For those student-athletes who were current sophomores and on scholarships, the college will be honoring those for next year,” Mallek said.

For the LCC athletes, their spring sports season has been taken away from them. For many sophomore athletes, it is uncertain if this past season was their last before moving on to four-year schools.

“At this point in time there are several student-athletes in the sports mentioned who will be returning to LCC to participate in athletics,” Mallek said.

Student-athletes including sophomore baseball catcher/first baseman Craig Palidar and sophomore softball outfielder Aubrey Larner are among those who have decided to come back and play next season at LCC.

“Originally I had planned on attending CMU next year,” Larner said. “(This year) was supposed to be my last season of softball ever. I decided I wasn’t ready to give up ball. So I’m returning for another year to finish what we started last year.”