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The Lookout | March 1, 2021

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Ramp approved by city planning board

Ramp approved by city planning board
  • On April 23, 2020

By Robin Morales
Associate Editor

The Lansing Planning Board and LCC reached an agreement April 7 and approved the college’s plans to construct a new parking structure across from the University Center.

According to LCC President Dr. Brent Knight, it is likely that the coronavirus pandemic will delay the start of construction. Work on the ramp was initially scheduled to begin in June.

“Right now, under the governor’s order, people can’t engage in that kind of work,” Knight said. “We’ll formulate a plan in the coming weeks.”

Following the college’s initial proposal to replace the current surface lot at the corner of Shiawassee Street and Capitol Avenue with a five-story parking ramp, several city residents raised objections.

Six community members expressed their concerns by submitting public comments at an LCC Board of Trustees meeting April 20.

“The proposed five-story ramp will destroy the vitality of the residential neighborhood,” Jayne Higo wrote in a statement submitted to the board, “and, in essence, build a fortress of parking ramps that will ring around the downtown area, and physically build a barrier to residents who cherish the area.”

City resident Joseph Warren wrote in a statement: “In my opinion, the spending of funds on a new parking ramp in light of the declining enrollment at LCC is an unwise use of taxpayer funds.

“Additionally, it would be an eyesore.”

Knight responded in a statement to The Lookout April 22: “We … listen to opinions of all stakeholders, and so we’re very aware of their issues and concerns.”

According to Knight, the existing Gannon Building parking ramp will be replaced following completion of the new parking structure.

“The Gannon ramp must be replaced,” Knight told The Lookout in March. “It must be demolished and rebuilt.”