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The Lookout | October 30, 2020

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Editorial: A diamond in the rough

Editorial: A diamond in the rough
  • On April 17, 2020

Right before social distancing and the state of emergency across the country, The Lookout staff was on deadline, wrapping up issue 13 for the 2019-20 school year.

Since then, our staff has come together to publish online content and social media posts as we near the end of our 61st year of publication.

Within the last year, our staff has watched countless renovations and art installations appear across the downtown LCC campus.

Some staff members embraced the changes. Others viewed new statues, and moving the library from one floor to another, as a waste of LCC funds.

The money spent on beautifying the campus and constructing a new ramp will go unseen or unused by many of the students who attended LCC throughout the academic year.

Has the pandemic exemplified how unnecessary it was to alter the green hill on campus? Or are these changes yet to be appreciated, as its value will be seen in the future?

On social media, Lansing residents post photos near the new lighted sculpture, “Upward Bound,” located between LCC’s Gannon Building and Dart Auditorium as they jog past.

Generations of future students will be able to access The Lookout’s social media accounts and review the work our staff has done over the last month during this monumental pandemic.

The year 2020 is one for the history books and we’ve been here every step of the way: documenting LCC clubs, news, art and sports.

There will be a long-term value to the foundation we have built together at LCC and at The Lookout this year.

With time, a clump of carbon under enough pressure and change will create a diamond. Right now, we are all under pressure, awaiting the beauty that is ahead of us.

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