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The Lookout | January 22, 2021

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Robin’s Rant: memories and goodbyes

Robin’s Rant: memories and goodbyes
  • On April 14, 2020

By Robin Morales
Associate Editor

There were four or five very good-looking young women sitting in office chairs when I walked into orientation on my first day as associate editor of The Lookout. There was one older guy with a Subway soda cup and square-rimmed glasses there, too.

Incidentally, that guy is named Larry Hook and he’s my boss. Back in the ‘80s he wrote a sports column for The Lookout about a near 300 bowling game. An LCC student back then wrote a letter to the editor in response, complaining that Larry’s column included too much information about what he had to eat that day. Go figure.

By noon on that Monday in August, orientation day, there were seven good-looking young women in that office with Larry and I. So, as you can imagine, I’m thinking this is going to be a pretty good year and, hell, maybe I’ll get a girlfriend, too.

I’ll save you the suspense. It was a pretty good year, that’s all.

My computer desk was in one of the corners of Gannon Building 3157, next to the window looking into the gym. I sat next to the biggest Donald Trump supporter this side of the Grand River.

I won’t name names, but I will say she’s very popular. Andre Drummond himself once asked her to get a drink with him. We had a lot of laughs together and I’m going to miss telling her how to spell basic words.

Our A&E editor, Ali Williams, agreed with my views on a lot of things related to the world and to life. Coincidentally, she’s about the most breathtakingly level-headed woman I’ve ever known.

Kari Eastway, who is now “out” of the city, lives in the northern tundra region of Michigan, somewhere way up there. She made me laugh every day I saw her. That’s the best thing someone can do for someone else and I’ll never forget her for it.

There were mornings when Chloe Gregg would come in to the office and she would tell me what her weekends were like. She could weave together a story of drunkenness, comedy and tragedy better than Shakespeare.

Maddy Warren is probably going to be editor in chief next year and that’s a good thing. She was a peacemaker and the bringer of common sense. We still managed to fight pretty much every day. She usually won.

Julie Newell took me home from school sporting events, B.C. (before coronavirus), and she said really wise stuff to me all the time. Consider: “Robin, you do realize all those problems are all your own fault, right?” as an example.

Editor in Chief Shauna Stocken, who always wore the coolest clothes, got me a journal for Christmas and made me a better writer. She’s going to write a really good book some day and I hope she remembers to send me a copy. She’s also one of the bravest people I know.

That’s the way it was. I am blessed for having known them all during my one year at The Lookout. C’est la vie, cheers, farewell, adios and all that other stuff. I’m out of here.

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