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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Student feature: Love for art displayed

Student feature: Love for art displayed Artist

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

“Whether you’re working in oils or graphic design,” reads LCC’s Art and Design website, “your passion for innovative self-expression will shine through when you study Fine and Computer Arts at Lansing Community College.”

LCC promises its artists and designers: “Our programs develop creative original thinkers and gives them the tools to harness their natural creativity into exciting and profitable careers.”

Grace Gregg, a transfer studies student focused on graphic design, has experienced this firsthand. Gregg began her studies in art and design at LCC with little previous experience in the field, but a love for art.

“I decided to go into graphic design because I have always been really fascinated with art,” Gregg said. “My skill set isn’t necessarily hands-on painting and drawing, so graphic design allows me to create with technology.”

Even without majoring as a graphic design student, LCC transfer students are able to prepare for their future major and complete necessary classes. But there are many people who take LCC’s art classes for fun.

Gregg said her favorite class was drawing.

“My favorite memories were in Drawing 1,” she said. “The class was like a therapy session, the whole class would just draw for two hours while listening to music. It was a great break from my math and science classes.

“My favorite part about graphic design is that there are really no limits to what can create thanks to the technology we have today. It is definitely something that you can develop a skill for as long as you put in the work.”

Gregg said she is able to spend much of her free time during quarantine doing just that, and has been able to focus even more on her craft in the months leading up to graduation.

“My plan for after LCC is to go to MSU this fall and study graphic design,” she said. “My hope is to become a designer at a design studio, and then someday hopefully an art director.”