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The Lookout | April 13, 2021

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CMU is new University Center partner

CMU is new University Center partner

By Robin Morales
Associate Editor

Officials from LCC and Central Michigan University confirmed April 3 that the Mt. Pleasant University is the fifth and newest partner school with the University Center on LCC’s main campus.

The University Center was established in 2008 at LCC. It helps students transfer to partner schools while offering degree completion programs at LCC, according to the center’s director, Patty Spagnuolo. The five partner schools are: Ferris State, Northwood, Siena Heights, U of M Flint, and now CMU.

“They are one of our main transfer schools,” Spagnuolo said of CMU. “So it just was a natural sort of fit for them to then become part of the center.”

Spagnuolo said the new partnership will provide academic advising for students interested in transferring to CMU.

In addition, degree transfer guides are being developed for LCC students, according to CMU officials. These transfer guides include the recently completed Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Early Childhood Development and Learning.

“Central Michigan University has a long standing commitment to recruit from the highly talented pool of students that graduate annually from LCC,” said Casie Hansel, assistant director/enrollment and spokesperson for CMU officials. “By creating formal transfer guides, CMU endeavors to maximize student credit hours earned and applicable to CMU programs.

“This allows the student to minimize costs and time to completion while maximizing the learning opportunities along the way.”

According to CMU officials, new scholarships are being implemented and offered to LCC students through the University Center partnership.

“CMU has just made a transformational change to the scholarships available to LCC students, allowing them to earn up to $19,500 over three years for full-time students,” Hansel said.

“Existing scholarship values have been increased by 40 percent or more, and new criteria makes them available to even more students.”

Spagnuolo and CMU officials said that more programs are under consideration between LCC and CMU, and will most likely be implemented in the near future.

“Through the University Center partnership,” Hansel said, “CMU hopes to establish a more robust presence at LCC with the goal of providing ready access to academic advisers and resources for students considering a transfer to CMU.”