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The Lookout | April 13, 2021

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Review: Stay fit with ‘Sworkit’ app

Review: Stay fit with ‘Sworkit’ app

Four out of Five Stars

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

Staying at home 24/7 doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have access to a lot of features of the “outside” world. Nowadays, there are apps for just about anything, including an app for keeping up a “summer body.”

For those who have an excess of energy to be released, or are looking to create an at-home workout schedule, Sworkit has your back.

Although not the most used workout app, Sworkit is still one of the best, especially for simplified workouts for people who may not be interested in turning into a fitness junkie, but want to stay fit during the coming months.

While using Sworkit, I was able to create a custom workout with exercises I knew I was capable of doing, while still feeling challenged. I can also track my workouts in a calendar through the app to make sure I am keeping up with them.

Another favorite feature of mine is that while working out, I am able to hook up and play Spotify music through the app without it interfering.

The app features guided video workouts of trainers performing the workouts and walking you through them. It also has a new feature where you’re able to chat one-on-one with certified fitness trainers about your workouts.

Another very helpful and simplified feature the app has is a selection of workouts specifically designed to make you fitter, stronger and/or leaner, and it even has guided yoga.

Sworkit also comes with built-in breaks to your exercise plan to make sure it’s breathable. There is an optional “skip” button to skip breaks or hard exercises.

I highly suggest this app for the average person who just wants to stay a little healthier during this quarantine.