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The Lookout | November 25, 2020

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Julie’s Jukes: online learning is tough

Julie’s Jukes: online learning is tough

I blinked. One minute it’s March and I just got back from spring break, then I blink and it’s April and the end of the semester is closing in.

Having to stay home has made the days and weeks go by quickly. Overall, having to stay home has not been horrible; boring at times, but not horrible.

The hardest part of this quarantine for me is having to do my classes online.

Before I started at LCC I went to Grand Rapids Community College and got a degree in photography. The closer I got to graduation the more worried I got about what I was going to do afterwards, and I got scared. I ended up reevaluating what I wanted to do with my life, and I realized; as much as I loved photography there was no way I could make a good career that would make me financially stable.

Sign language had always been in my life. One day my friend’s mother asked me if I could interpret for a deaf client of hers, because she knew I had knowledge of sign language. But I was nowhere near fluent or able to interpret.

It got me thinking about sign language as a career. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of being a sign language interpreter.

That led me to take a sign language class at Grand Rapids CC, and I loved it. I loved learning about this beautiful, visual language and this amazing community of people. That is how I decided to pursue a career in sign language interpreting at LCC.

Sign language is a visual language and requires face-to-face interaction. Since our classes are online for the rest of the semester, we are using video conferencing and watching videos. I’m not happy with how this is working. The class is fine, but I feel like I’m not actually learning and retaining information like I would in a classroom.

I understand it is essential for everyone to stay at home so COVID-19 can be dealt with quicker. The semester will be over faster than I can blink, and I know I just have to take things as they come and do my best. That is all anyone can do during this pandemic.

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