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The Lookout | March 1, 2021

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Student senators give valuable input

Student senators give valuable input
  • On March 26, 2020

Maddy Warren
Staff Writer

LCC’s Academic Senate is an organization that allows not only faculty, but students, to share their opinions and give input on important decisions being made for the college.

The senate is made up of administrators, professors and other faculty members. There are also two student representatives on the academic senate.

Dakeyia Scott has been a student at LCC since the spring of 2019. She is a psychology major and got involved with the Senate last semester.

Scott said her role is to bring awareness to issues voiced by the students, which the faculty and the administration might not necessarily know about.

“My top priority is student success,” Scott said. “In order for that to happen I first must build relationships with students and earn their trust. This is how I learn their most vulnerable needs; then I take it to the Senate for action.”

Sydney Duncan is the second student in the academic senate. This is her first year at LCC. She is majoring in criminal justice with juvenile specialization.

Duncan said she got involved with the Academic Senate after she attended a public meeting during the fall semester as a spectator. 

“We discuss all sorts of academic issues on campus and how it affects students,” Duncan said. “That’s (what) I’m there for; to give student input on topics because they’re looking at it from the perspective of faculty members and teachers.

“So we’re just there to balance it and make sure what they’re doing is affecting students in a positive way.”

When talking about her experience in the Senate, Duncan said she was a bit intimidated at first to speak her mind with several important LCC figures present. However, she said, everyone was welcoming.

“They were all so good,” Duncan said. “They really respect what the students have to say and it makes it really easy to actually voice my opinions because they’re all really supportive. They really listen to what we’re saying.”

Scott said the most important part of her leadership role are the relationships she has made.

“I have made connections with dozens of students on campus and I believe that number will continue to grow with my time at LCC,” she said.

Scott added she has learned a lot from this experience.

“The knowledge that I have obtained has proven useful in my educational career,” Scott said. “I’m excited to see what the next chapter brings.”