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The Lookout | May 13, 2021

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Spotlight: softballer Mercedes Cole

Spotlight: softballer Mercedes Cole
  • On March 26, 2020

By Julie Newell
Sports/Photo Editor

The Lookout Sports Editor Julie Newell recently interviewed LCC softball pitcher Mercedes Cole. Cole is a sophomore who is studying criminal justice at Lansing Community College.

How long have you been playing softball?
“(For) 15 years.”

What made you start playing softball?
“My dad wanted me to get into sports, and then I ended up having a knack for it and fell in love.”

Who inspires you as an athlete?
“My pitching coach, Jaymie, inspired me when I was in high school. Everything she ever taught me has stayed with me since. She was a great role model in the sense that she had the same goals I did, but she never let anyone get in her way. I also had a health setback my freshman year of high school and I didn’t pitch the whole year, but she helped me rebuild everything and relearn skills.”

How does being an athlete make you a better person?
“It makes me stay humble and it’s taught me so many hard lessons, such as, you are going to fail, but it’s how you respond to it that shows your character.”

What struggles do you face as a college athlete?
“I struggle with my time management since I am a full-time student and played softball and also have a part-time job at Meijer.”

What is the best part about playing softball?
“I would have to say the competition. I love the thrill of competing with everyone, especially teammates, because it always pushes me to do my best.”

Do you have any embarrassing moments in your softball career?
“Yes! There was one time I was pitching in high school and I went to field a ground ball, but instead fell on my butt. (I) managed to throw the ball over my body while still laying on the ground to get the out.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“I am going to attend Cleary University and continue to play softball there while pursuing a bachelor’s (degree) in either business leadership or business management.”