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The Lookout | January 22, 2021

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All artistic events halted due to virus

All artistic events halted due to virus
  • On March 26, 2020

By Ali Williams
A&E Editor

Many LCC students will no longer be practicing their lines or musical numbers due to the widespread cancellations related to COVID-19.

Due to the coronavirus, all LCC performing arts events are now canceled. The performing arts cancellations include: “Middletown,” “Playing for Real,” the “Dancing through Life” dance concert and the shows for Theatre Studios one and two.

Cancellations also include all Jazz Band, Rock Band and Concert Choir events.

Paige Tufford was directing “Middletown,” originally scheduled to appear in Dart Auditorium from Friday, March 20 to Sunday, March 29. Tufford, who is also the performing arts coordinator, commented on the uncertainty about what will be happening to all the performing arts events once LCC can reopen.

“We really don’t know yet how or if we will try to revive any of the performances that were canceled this semester,” Tufford said.

Anyone who purchased tickets for “Middletown” may receive reimbursement or use that ticket for a future performance. Updated schedules will be determined and released as soon as possible.

Marilyn Twine, the director of public relations at LCC, said StarScapes, initially scheduled for Monday, April 20, is also canceled. However, there was a post on D2L that was sent, stating students could still register.

“It’s listed as canceled on the website,, under ‘Cancelled Events.’” Twine said.

If any notification on D2L pops up with information about an event, please note that it is canceled, and it will not be occurring.

All events, courses and information about financial aid or graduation can be found at

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