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The Lookout | October 19, 2021

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‘True West’ charges Black Box Theatre

‘True West’ charges Black Box Theatre
  • On February 28, 2020

By Ali Williams
A&E Editor

Two brothers’ relationship is further destroyed by a job opportunity in the LCC Black Box Theatre play, “True West.” Performances were held Feb. 21, 22, 28 and 29.

Written by Sam Shepherd and directed by LCC’s John Lennox, “True West” starred Daryth Lennox as Austin, Wyatt Wesley as Lee, Gabe Weeks as Saul Kimmer and Priscilla Raven as Mom.

“True West” focuses on the deteriorating relationship of brothers Austin and Lee, while discovering a job opportunity from Weeks’ character.
Actor Wyatt Wesley’s brother, Parker Wesley, attended the performance Feb. 21.

“It’s a very down-to-Earth play,” Parker said. “They take into consideration some very important life events and they really dive deep into the characters.”

Parker Wesley also explained how his brother’s role as Lee is different compared to the roles Wyatt has played in the past.

“It’s a lot different than what he’s used to,” Parker said. “He’s usually more of a comedic actor, the way that he can kind of turn it around … and be very serious and also be such a different character than what I’m used to is actually really cool to see.”

LCC sophomore Molly Sullivan participated in the play’s sound design and is currently in the studio four theatre class. She attended Friday’s performance to support Weeks.

“It’s been really amazing seeing how far and how much they’ve been growing, these characters, and putting so much work in,” Sullivan said.
Sullivan added that Weeks often played characters in a variety of genres; however, Kimmer is a bit different.

“He does a little bit of everything,” Sullivan said. “This is definitely an interesting character.”

The next LCC Performing Arts show will be “Middletown,” scheduled in the Dart Auditorium from March 20 to 29. Tickets will cost $10 for adults and $5 for students.

To learn more about ticket pricing and the upcoming LCC play, “Middletown,” visit the website