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The Lookout | April 13, 2021

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Comical fairytale graces LCC campus

Comical fairytale graces LCC campus

By Shauna Stocken

Editor in Chief

Once upon a time, there was a mean princess, a handsome prince, a wicked witch, a three-headed dragon and three fairy godmothers, all in one comical fairytale.

LCC’s outdoor amphitheater was filled with guests both young and old for the opening night of “Three Fairy Godmothers” on July 24. 

“This is our first LCC production (we have seen),” said area resident Sara Savalli, who came to opening night with her five children, ages 5 to 17 years old.

“I was Googling around for things to in Lansing. I just think the kids need to get out and see things that aren’t animated and get off their phones.”

The all-ages production is free of charge with additional showings, Friday, July 26 through Sunday, July 28, starting at 7 p.m. each night.

“Three Fairy Godmothers” is the second production in the “Summer Stage Under the Stars” series. LCC theater student Caleb Tracy played a female character in both.

“In the last show we did, ‘The Daily Life of Superheroes’ I played Poison Ivy – the female villain to Batman – but it was very short stage time,” Tracy said. “This time I get to be a woman the entire time, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a challenge.”

Tracy played the role of the goofy and, at times, scatterbrained fairy godmother. She works alongside her fellow fairies to earn back their magic wands.

“I absolutely love the kids (in the audience),” Tracy said. “You get to be a part of a character that is larger than life. I always think to make it the performance you would want to see if you were a kid. Because if I were a kid watching this, I would want to see big characters.” 

Among the larger-than-life characters, LCC student Keeley Robinson played the dark witch, Barabela, and briefly, a three-headed dragon.

Robinson said to prepare for her role; she worked together with Director Paige Tufford to form a witch that wasn’t cliché or cackling on stage.

“I kind of had to build a character that was powerful, yet she breaks and she has her weaknesses,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, the performing arts department has something for everyone to enjoy, from plays to musicals and dance performances.

The last event in the “Summer Under the Stars” series is the annual “Dance Lansing Summer Festival,” scheduled for Tuesday, July 30 through Friday, Aug. 2 in Dart Auditorium. More information is available at