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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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LCC radio reaches ‘Silver’ anniversary

LCC radio reaches ‘Silver’ anniversary
  • On March 22, 2019

By Sarah Barney
Associate Edito

For 25 years, LCC’s radio station 89.7 WLNZ has been broadcasting music and programs to the Mid-Michigan area and beyond.

While the station began as “Lansing’s Jazz, Blues and News Station,” it has since expanded to almost every genre imaginable.

“We aren’t like a typical radio station; it’s not like you tune in and just hear country music or just hear rock music or anything else,” LCC Radio General Manager Daedalian Lowry explained. “We try to be as expansive … as inclusive as possible. As a result, during the day you might hear anything from rock to hip-hop to pop, folk music. It goes everywhere.”

The radio station is also involved in a number of community events every year. Some of the highlights include Blues Fest, Cardboard Classic and Silver Bells in the City.

Lowry estimates that the station participates in about 15 to 20 events throughout the year.

“My goal with the station, ever since I’ve been here, is to make sure we’re focused on the community and LCC itself,” Lowry said.

The station consists of one full-time staff member, Lowry, a handful of part-time staff, five student workers and around 30 volunteers.

Gabe Chimienti, an LCC sophomore majoring in business, currently does social media work for the radio.

Although he was mostly looking for marketing experience, he has gained knowledge in more areas such as handling soundboards.

“I never thought I was going to be doing this stuff,” Chimienti said. “But then going on air and all that, it teaches you a lot about social interaction. It’s a lot different. You have to pretend like you’re talking to a lot of people, but you’re all alone.”

Chimienti said he also likes that the station plays a lot of local artists, and enjoys the “Mitten Mayhem” program that plays local rap music on Sunday nights.

As for Lowry’s favorite part about being involved with the station, it all ties into community.

“I love working with the students,” Lowry said. “I also love the fact that we are very much promoting community and the college and what it does. Trying to get the word out about local Michigan music, those things, I absolutely love it.”

For more information on the radio station or to listen, visit