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The Lookout | April 13, 2021

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Editorial: Journalists aren’t enemies

Editorial: Journalists aren’t enemies
  • On August 30, 2018

In a time where the words “fake news” are seemingly everywhere, the importance of journalism today is often overshadowed.

Conceivably the biggest critic of the media, President Donald Trump has worked hard to diminish the work of journalists around the country, even stating that they are the “enemies of the people.”

Perhaps the real “fake news” is the assertion that journalists are bad people because they write things you do not agree with, and sometimes unveil uncomfortable truths.

Just like with any job, there are journalists who do not work with integrity. However, The Lookout staff believes this shouldn’t take away from the incredible work that thousands of journalists do perform.

We believe journalists are not enemies; they play an important part in the community by keeping people informed on what is happening around them. Every community deserves a free press that will investigate, seek answers to questions, cover events and, more importantly, hold government officials accountable.

It was the dedication and countless hours of investigating from a few journalists at the Indy Star that helped expose Larry Nassar and the heinous sex crimes that took place at Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics.

Curt Guyette, a reporter for ACLU of Michigan, was at the forefront of the investigation that shed light on the Flint water crisis. Walking from doorstep to doorstep to personally test the water of Flint residents, Guyette broke the news of the city’s flawed testing protocols. He was able to provide evidence that contradicted the city’s and state’s claims that the water was safe.

Local journalists also highlight members of their communities; spreading love and hope with their stories on local athletes, rising entrepreneurs, and neighbors helping neighbors in a time of need. Without journalists, millions of these stories would go untold.

The Lookout staff encourages people to support their local newspapers. The next time you read an interesting news story, share it with your friends, give the publication a follow on social media, or consider subscribing. It’s a small and simple way to show your support.


  1. Kate Smith

    This was an excellent article. I’ll be reader for the school year.