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The Lookout | April 13, 2021

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Staff Editorial from The Lookout: Teachers need supplies, not guns

Staff Editorial from The Lookout: Teachers need supplies, not guns
  • On March 15, 2018

Every time there is a school shooting, the idea to either post armed guards or arm school faculty enters the debate.

The Lookout staff sternly opposes the concept of arming schoolteachers and expecting them to defend students in a hostile threat situation.

We know that many teachers work in underfunded schools with barely enough paper to print assignments, or in schools that can’t provide tissues during cold and flu season.

Twitter was alight with various retweets and comments on the $67 million budget proposal that came out of the Republican-controlled Florida Senate Appropriations Committee.

The proposal was designed to establish a program for teachers to get weapons training and be supplied with guns.

Meanwhile, Kyle Parrow, a senior from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD), tweeted about MSD’s lack of regular supplies. MSD is where 17 students were killed in the recent school shooting.

“At one point in the school year, Douglas ran out of paper for more than a week,” Parrow tweeted. “Teacher’s couldn’t print tests, worksheets or homework. But, they can throw down 67 million to arm teachers.”

If the budget is as bad at MSD as this tweet makes it sound, the state should be approving bigger budgets for everyday functions of schools, not arming them to the teeth.

In yet another bumbling attempt to create effective gun-control legislature, New York passed the “assault weapons ban,” which, according to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, is leaving massive loopholes.

Rubio was featured heavily on CNN with video clips from a Florida town hall meeting where the father of a dead student read him the riot act.

Rubio stumbled again in his replies to the man’s questions and lost the favor of the entire room. All of this goes to illustrate that pleasing grieving parents who want drastic steps taken is not easy.

Being a politician responsible for answering all of these concerns is not easy. Establishing effective gun-control in a nation full of gun users and wounded families is not easy.

Arming teachers will not reduce violence in schools. Banning “assault weapons” will not reduce violence in schools.

The Lookout staff feels that the fires of debate must be quenched and the fresh wounds must be healed before productive discussion can occur.