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The Lookout | February 26, 2021

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College promotes deaf awareness

College promotes deaf awareness
  • On September 21, 2017

By Haneen Hammad
Staff Writer

International Week of the Deaf was celebrated at LCC this fall through a series of events the week of Sept. 18 through 24.

The celebration is part of a global movement to raise awareness about the life, culture, language and rights of deaf people.

In accordance with this, LCC planned a week of daily activities with the theme, “Full inclusion through Sign Language.” Activities included six “Survival-Sign” workshops, as well as discussions and a panel that provided students a chance to ask questions.

Michelle LaCrosse, LCC Sign Language interpreter, commented on the importance of Deaf Awareness Week.

“(Deaf Awareness Week) has been celebrated annually since 1958, and this year we wanted to bring the celebration to LCC,” LaCrosse said. “As a college that embraces diversity, Deaf Awareness Week brings together the hearing and deaf communities.

“It is our hope that we can create awareness of the abilities, culture, life and language of deaf individuals in order to promote communication and camaraderie among the students and our local community … Our events are creating excitement, not only at LCC, but also in the deaf community.”

Events such as “Survival Signs” addressed common courtesy signs such as: My name is …, please, thank you and the basic alphabet. The activity provided an explanation of why it is important to use Sign Language when communicating with the deaf.

Laura Anderson, a deaf student who is part of the massage therapy program at LCC, commented on Deaf Awareness Week.

“I think it’s really good to introduce both other students and the community to knowing about the deaf, because some people have never met a deaf person and don’t know anything about it, so it’s really good to introduce that topic,” Anderson said.

LCC offers two classes: Intro to the Deaf Community (Sign 160) and American Sign Language I (Sign 161).  There is also a Sign Language Club on campus.

For more information on classes and clubs, visit the Sign Language Interpreter Program’s web page at