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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Construction scattered across campus

Construction scattered across campus
  • On September 8, 2017

By Aaron Wilton
Editor in Chief

The new conference services room, clock tower and campus directory are among the construction projects that LCC is tackling this year.

On the first floor of Gannon Building, three rooms (formerly GB 125, 123 and 121) are being merged/renovated to become a new conference area. LCC President Dr. Brent Knight gave an official statement to The Lookout about the project.

“A dedicated conference and meeting space is being built on the first floor of Gannon,” Knight said. “The resource space will be available for college use and is also available for community reservations.

“The large room can seat 150 and can accommodate meetings with breakfast, lunches and dinners available.”

According to Knight, the first-floor Gannon renovations are set to be done by January of 2018.

Construction on the old vent tower began last year during the fall semester to turn it into a functional clock tower. According to an on-site construction worker, the site of the clock tower is getting some other additions.

The base of the tower will have three retaining walls that create an attractive space to place some sort of plaque, most likely dedicated to donors Alton and Janice Granger, the worker explained.

For info on the clock tower and Granger Construction’s role in its funding, check out this article at

In the center of campus, a steel pole is the beginning of the “wayfinding tower,” which was also started last year.

More information on that can be found in a previous Lookout article:

LCC education major Edward Scott offered his opinion on all of the campus projects.

“It doesn’t stop what I’m trying to do,” Scott said. “If anything, it kind of piques your interest to what they’re doing. Based on what I’ve seen, the changes and the remodeling they’ve done, it just brings excitement.

“It hasn’t got cluttered like the roads and construction out there … it doesn’t get in the way of what we’re trying to do or what I’m trying to do.”