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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Life in Japan becoming second nature

Life in Japan becoming second nature

By Hannah Anderson
For The Lookout

Life in Japan has meant something different for each of the people in my group during the summer Japan Immersion trip through LCC. For me, it has meant constant adventure, as well as steady growth in using chopsticks.

Before I came to Japan, a couple close friends and family joked about how bad I was at using chopsticks. But my chopsticks ability, along with other cultural norms in Japan, have become second nature to me as I spend more time here.

That is the main reason I would recommend this program to anyone.

It is true that the work is sometimes challenging and the language barrier can be discouraging. However, it is worth it to push through those occasional obstacles, because the program helps anyone to grow as a person and experience a whole new culture.

I only have a couple weeks left in Japan, but I have learned so much and had so much fun throughout this experience. I fully intend to come back some day because of how much it feels like home now.

To get into the program for next year, I would suggest going to any of the informational meetings that are held throughout the semester at LCC. I went to ask questions, and applied soon after.

The application process is very simple, and a short interview will follow. Once I was accepted, there were a few more informational meetings.

As much as LCC tries to prepare the students for the program, I found it most helpful to just “jump in,” whether I knew what to do or not.

Overall, from climbing mountains to handing out bread at work on the boat, this program has been a constant source of adventure. For anyone interested in applying, email Mieko Phillips at

Hannah Anderson was the arts & entertainment editor for The Lookout during the 2016-17 school year.