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The Lookout | March 1, 2021

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Photo students shoot ‘Snow Queen’

Photo students shoot ‘Snow Queen’
The Lookout

By Hannah Anderson
A & E Editor

Ike Lea, LCC’s photography program director, headed an all-day project on March 16 to capture the production, “The Snow Queen,” in a photoshoot.

All photo students were welcome to attend.

Lea got permission to use parts of the set of “The Snow Queen,” as well as the performers and costumes for the shoot, in an LCC photo studio. The participants also constructed trees and used fake snow to bring the scene to life.

Ben Coleman, the instructor for the intermediate lighting class, said the project was a valuable life experience.

“When they go out in the world, they will have experience with a complex set construction, propping, lighting, photographing, directing models …” Coleman said. “This is a constructed environment they can get some experience in.”

Cassidy Brinker, a first-year photo student, worked with a lot of the lighting. She said the opportunity to do a shoot like this is rare.

“I’ve been here since when we started at 9 in the morning (until) when we started shooting at 2 p.m., so it’s been really taxing and tiring, but fun and worth it because someone of my skills would have never been able to do this or have the opportunity,” Brinker said. “To be able to do this is a huge deal for us.”

Brinker added that working with actors as opposed to models is a different experience.

“Normally I deal with models, and I have to tell them what to do every single second at every single time,” Brinker said. “But with the actors, they’re just kind of doing their own thing, and so you get realistic things going and fun scenes that you wouldn’t even think about.”

Tania Howard, another photo student, said the whole project came together nicely.

“It’s been nice to actually get experience working with different angles and lighting, and different costumes which really bring life to the set,” Howard said.

Howard said the LCC Photo Club meets the first and third Monday of every month and is open to everyone interested in photography, whether or not they are in the program.

For additional information about the LCC photo program, contact the Communication, Media and the Arts Department at (517) 483-1546 or go to