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The Lookout | March 1, 2021

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‘Fake news’ hurts credibility

‘Fake news’ hurts credibility
The Lookout

Staff Editorial

Fake news. You have most likely heard of the phenomenon. The term has blown up throughout the last year or two.

We now live in a world and society dominated by social media. For newspapers and journalists, it allows the ability to report breaking news right as it happens.

Social media also allows anyone to be a “journalist.” Any person can start a website or blog and claim it as news.

This works in positive and negative ways. Unfortunately, since online news became the main source of information for most people, the public’s trust in journalism has gone down.

Scroll through your Facebook news feed for a few minutes and there is a solid chance you will come across a “fake news” site. They are everywhere, especially since election season. Facebook and Google are trying to reduce fake news, but it will be impossible to eliminate.

The best way to prevent reading fake news is to learn how to spot a fake news site. Some are obvious, but many do a competent job of disguising themselves as real news.

It’s no wonder the public doesn’t trust the journalism industry as much as it used to. However, it is extremely important that this change.

A democracy cannot fully thrive without a free press. People understand that, and are still consuming news. But the trust isn’t there, and not just because of fake news.

Fake news is a major problem in our society. It needs to be halted, and for now, it is up to you to stop it. For some tips on how to spot fake news, visit

Journalism is important. We ask that you continue to trust the true reporters and journalists, in spite of all of the phonies.