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The Lookout | March 9, 2021

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Childcare center open house is April 18

Childcare center open house is April 18
The Lookout

By Aaron Emerson
Editor in Chief

Many people in the community don’t have any idea that Lansing Community College has an early learning center for infants and toddlers.

People who do know that it exists often don’t know how in-depth the center gets.

The Early Learning Children’s Community, commonly known as ELCC, is hosting an open house to showcase its students and what they learn.

The open house, called “Our Discoveries,” is scheduled for Tuesday, April 18 in the garden level of the Health and Human Services building. It is set to run from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

The showcase will feature students’ school work, art, written dialogues and much more. Last year it featured work from the students depicting what they thought water looked like from the Flint Water Crisis.

“Our Discoveries” is open to parents, students, LCC employees and the public.

Lydia Saldivar, the director of ELCC, said in the exhibit’s seventh year, staff members are excited to once again showcase their students and their success.

“The exhibit has evolved from showcasing children and their artwork to then showing their stories and how they are learning how to function in life,” Saldivar said.

“We just really want to show off what our children are doing. We want (people) to see the amazing art pieces they are putting together and how they solve problems.”

Saldivar said the children are very creative.

“We have a few children who created their own dresses,” she said. “They drew it out, they measured, ordered the fabric, used each other to drape the fabric and staple it on. Would you ever be able to imagine a child (as) a fashion designer?”

LCC’s Early Learning Children’s Community is open to infants and toddlers up to pre-school age. It currently has a capacity of 99 students.

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